This Video is Not Available in Your Country For Android, iOS & PC [Problem Fixed]

This Video is Not Available in Your Country
This Video is Not Available in Your Country

This is one of the most common issue every YouTube users can encounter. Some videos may be restricted to particular area and then it will show the message “this video is not available in your country”. Thousands of videos are uploading to YouTube every day and it’s up to the uploader to allow or disallow that particular video to any geographical location.

This Video is Not Available in Your Country
This Video is Not Available in Your Country

Sometimes internet service providers restrict the videos due to any Government orders. What can we do when we see this particular message. This only happens because of your geographic location. If you can hide it sometimes you can watch the video. There are many methods to bypass this particular restriction. Let’s check out some effective options to get rid of this problem.

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This Video Is Not Available In Your Country Fix For Android, iOS & PC

  1. Download the video and watch it

You can try this by downloading that particular video and watch it offline. This is a simple option you can do and by doing this you can also save some data here are the steps to download blocked videos

Download youtube video
Download youtube video
  • For example, if the URL which shows blocked video content is like you can put ss before YouTube in this URL
  • The new URL will be
  • Now, you can download this video and watch it whenever you want

Another option is to use a YouTube video downloader and enter the URL there. It will help you to download any unrestricted video to your device.

  1. Use VPN to unblock videos

VPN means Virtual Private Network and you can use VPN to unblock restricted videos. Of any video is restricted to your geographic location by uploader you can just change the location on your VPN settings and get that video. VPN varies according to different platforms.

Mobile device -: If you are using mobile device the there are some apps you can use to change the VPN settings. You can download them from play store

  • DroidVPN-: This is one of the best app you can use to unblock your mobile device. It allows 100 MB free data usage. Use it to fix YouTube errors on your device
  • Hotspot Shield Free VPN-: Watch unlimited videos without any restriction using this app. There is no data usage limit and you can use it for free.

Laptop/PC-: If you are facing any YouTube video error issue in your laptop the you need to use apps. Use proxy VPNs to unblock YouTube videos. Here are some of them

  • PDProxy-: This is a good one that offers you free 100 MB data usage. After that you need to pay money to use it. But using this free proxy data you can watch some videos without any restrictions.
  • FinchVPN-: This is another app for PC users to try. first 100 MB is free and if you create an account you can use 3 GB data in this app. Enjoy unlimited videos without any restriction in your country.
  1. How to watch restricted YouTube videos?

You can give this a try to watch blocked videos. Most of the time this trick works

  • If the blocked URL of YouTube video is
  • There you can add /v/ just after .com by replacing ‘watch?’
  • The new URL will look like this
  • Watch any restricted video by applying this magical trick.
  1. Use any proxy sites

By checking your IP address YouTube determines your location. You can hide your location using proxy sites like HideMyAss or Proxmates. These proxy sites help to hide your identity and watch any videos without any restriction. Proxmates works well with Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox and helps to hide your IP address. There are YouTube proxy sites also and you can use them unblock blocked video content. Just enter the blocked URL on these sites like Unblock YouTube, Proxfree etc and then you can watch videos without any interruption.

  1. Use Hola Extension to unblock video

Hola extension is app the can change your device VPN. The app is free to download and a good option to use on your restricted videos. Here is how you can do this

  • Download Hola extension on your device and set it properly
  • Take the URL that shows ‘The video is not available in your country’
  • Now you can see Hola extension icon on bookmarks. Click on it
  • There you can see many country flags there. From it select on United State flag
  • Now you removed the restriction on the video.

Final words

This video is not available in your country is a frustrating message we can see sometimes. If you want to watch the video anyway use any of the above option. The main reason behind this message is the restriction on that specific geographic location. Hiding your location is the best option and there are apps for it. I hope they will help you. Keep checking TechRems for more such posts.

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