Lenovo Shareit For Windows PC Free Download 2018

ShareIT For Windows PC
ShareIT For Windows PC

Everyone wishes to share their files, documents, images, etc. to their friends who are nearby. In that case, the SHAREit application helps everyone to share their files from one device to another device. This application is available for all the devices like Smartphones, Tablets, and PC. SHAREit is the best file sharing app and the fastest cross-platform tool which works on faster speeds.

Irrespective of platforms, it is easy to share the files between PC and other devices like Tablets, Smartphones, etc. This application doesn’t need any internet connection whereas it communicates with the other SHAREit-enabled devices.

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Download & Install ShareIT For Windows PC 2018

 ShareIT For Windows PC
ShareIT For Windows PC

Features of SHAREit application:

Vital and significant features of this application are as follows. All these features have made this application very special in the recent years.

  • One of the best features is that it supports multi-platforms where you can transfer files, images, songs, documents, movies, etc. directly from one device (PC) to other devices (phones, tablets, PC).
  • This application doesn’t need any USB or internet connection to transfer all the files.
  • It can transfer many files which are large without any time delay.
  • The transfer speed is too fast also you can simultaneously connect with five people for sharing.
  • This is one of the best application that works in 39 different languages.
  • This application doesn’t require any USB cable where it is easy to transfer the files without any cords.

Benefits of using this application in PC:

SHAREit is a tested virus free application whereas no issues or problems have arrived regarding this application. The best benefit is that they support different languages (around 39 languages) where people around the world can efficiently use it without any restrictions. They include all the popular languages like English, Russian, Arabic, German, Spanish, etc. While sharing the files through PC, it will be so easy for you to share a large number of data with larger file size.

You may think that the speed may reduce while sharing the files. No, the speed of the application is always faster even if you send many large size files. PC supports different formats like MP3, WAV, MKV, AVI, JPEG, DOC, etc. where it is easy to send all the data of this format. Using this application in PC, you can save both batteries as well as your precious time.

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Simple steps to download and install SHAREit App:

While comparing with other application like Bluetooth, this helps and benefits the users in lots of ways. Everyone is aware of using this app on all the devices whereas the features are also similar.

You can easily download and install the app without any restrictions on your PC. This application doesn’t need any emulator or something else; you can directly download it in PC by following the below-mentioned steps.   

  • Download & install Shareit for PC from Softonic.
  • After downloading double click on the run option which appears on the pop-up.
  • Later the SHAREit set up wizard opens up, where you have to click on the “Accept option.”
  • Now select the destination by using Browse option.
  • Click on the “Next option” where it proceed further to the next page.
  • Select the “Create a desktop shortcut” option and click on the “Next option.”
  • Installation process will begin and it may take few seconds to install this application.
  • Finally click on the “Finish button.”

This application makes the users comfortable where it is fast and convenient.

Using this application, you can share many files simultaneously with five other devices. Even though it shares a large number of files, the transferring speed doesn’t reduce. It is so simple to operate this application. Where you must use the “Send option” for sending the files where the receiver must simultaneously click the “receive option.”

Another different feature is that you can use clone option for cloning the device and sending the files. Since it is multi-platform, you may raise a question of causing problems. But don’t worry about as it creates a direct connection to the other device.

Without going for cloud storage system, you can quickly send and receive the files from one device to another device. While you use CLONEit option, you can quickly take the backup of all files like images, songs, documents, messages, contacts, etc. on your device. Also, you can search and share the whole folder and transfer them within few seconds.

Irrespective of platforms, you can share the files between Windows to Mac, Android to Windows, Windows to Apple, etc. While sending the file, the receiver must accept the invitation from other connection; then only the receiver can receive the file. Another important fact is to update your app where with every update you can enjoy all the latest and extended features through it. Keep visiting Techrems for more such amazing posts! 

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