7 Best TV Streaming Apps For Android 2018 (Free & Paid)

TV Streaming Apps For Android
TV Streaming Apps For Android

Have you missed the series of your favorite shows? Don’t worry. You have a better option of watching them in your handy devices. When you are busy or engaged with some works, you will not be able to view all your favorite shows through the TV. In that case, you can watch them in life through some applications. Many streaming applications are available where you can view all those missed series from your work whenever you get time. All the streaming applications will help you to stream all the live videos and shows.

TV Streaming Apps For Android
TV Streaming Apps For Android

Streaming services were first started as an add-on to the DVDs and TV where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows as the second run. Each of the streaming application is best for its features. Some of the best TV streaming applications are as follows.

Top Best TV Streaming Apps For Android 2018


One of the popular and best streaming applications where it has reaches around 50 million subscriptions. This aspect shows the reach of application towards the user. Netflix is also known as the king of online streaming apps.

By using a single account, two people can watch the videos at the same time. This application is available for both Android and iOS devices where you can enjoy the free trial period of 30 days. They come up with all the entertainment factors where you can watch all videos without any interruptions.


YouTube is an extraordinary and well-known app which is present in every individual’s mobile phones by default. The best factor about this application is that it is entirely free and there is no need to pay any subscription fees. Through this application, you can watch varieties of spices like songs, movies, news, beauty tips, exam study notes, and tips, etc.

Everything we watch is as per our wish. It works with and supports all the platforms like Android, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One, PC, iOS, etc.  YouTube is busy in developing in its next extraordinary feature where you can watch and store all the videos through unlimited video recorder and cloud storage. Also check out few YouTube downloaders apps for Android

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation has now become so popular in recent times. PlayStation Vue started its journey in few of the markets, but later it reached its heights within a short span of time. They come up with 45+ channels including ESPN and Disney. It works on the platforms like Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Fire TV, etc.

You can watch five shows simultaneously which includes one PlayStation 4, one PlayStation 3 and three other mobile streams. This application is available in few of the markets so before signing up you have to check the channel availability.

Sony says that if you don’t have a live local broadcast channel they provide an alternative on-demand channel.


If you love to watch all you sports channel on your handy devices, then you can opt for fuboTV.  This application comes up with 85+ channels where it covers all the national sports channels, international sports channels, and entertainment channels equally. They provide National sports channels like NBC, FOX, NFL network, etc. and entertainment channels like BBC America, CNBC, etc.

One of the best facts is that you can watch the live shows directly from the beginning even if the show has started earlier. It supports all the platforms of Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku and Fire OS devices.


One of the best and first premium channels which came out on its extraordinary services is HBO. HBO now comes up with two services HBO GO and HBO NOW. HBO GO is about having the HBO channel from cable or satellite package whereas HBO NOW is for cord cutters. It is easy to get a free trial app from Google Play Store, App store, and Amazon.

HBO GO is same to that of HBO NOW where all the shows, contents are the same where the only difference is the cord (cable). As users, you can enjoy watching these videos and shows on both your PC and Smart Phones through this application. Also, check out free movie apps for Android.


The best affordable streaming application that offers different varieties of live and on-demand content is Philo. This application provides around 37 channels like BBC America, Comedy Central, Animal Planet, etc.  Not only these channels they also add extra nine channels like Cooking Channel, Discovery Family, etc. where Philo focuses only on entertainment, lifestyle, etc. They allow up to three streams where you can watch three channels from three different devices and platforms at the same time.

Sign-in procedures are so simple rather than other streaming apps where this asks for the mobile number and sends a verification code to the registered mobile number.

All those mentioned above are some of the best, popular and well-known TV streaming apps which are convenient and satisfy most of the users.

Some TV streaming applications for Android 2018 may incur subscription charges and some may not, but each of the apps comes with its specific features and benefits. Each of them varies and provides different services, channels, and works on different categories. Keep visiting Techrems for more such amazing posts! 

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