Best Free Games For Apple iPhone You Shouldn’t Miss!

Best Free iPhone Games
Best Free iPhone Games

Are you one of those who love playing games on their iPhone? Just feast your eyes with the incredible beauty of these beautiful puzzle games, racers, platform games, and much more on your iPhone and for which you don’t need to pay a considerable amount. Below is the list of best 8 iPhone games which we consider as the best among all, hope it will be useful for you. Must check, Shareit for PC!

Best Free iPhone Games
Best Free iPhone Games

Top Best iPhone Games Worth You Leisure! 


Hearthstone is one of the most beautiful games on your iOS devices which offer you the feature of playing with one of the best collective card gaming platforms. This fantastic digitizing card is perfectly designed and developed for iOS devices. The game is all about World of Warcraft where you have to use a variety of playing styles to get across the decks based on WoW equivalents available in a total of nine classes.

The game comes up with binary gaming options; where you can play as a single player or can go for competitive multiplayer gaming as well. It is one of the most versatile games which make you able to play the game as per your desire. Also check, best free movie apps for Android.

Plague Inc

It is indeed a fantastic game which keeps you on your toes during the entire gameplay. The game is all about controlling an epidemic. The main aim of the gamer is to spread the disease throughout and to kill everyone before humanity can develop a perfect cure for it.

Destroying and killing all of the human beings has never been so much fun as this beautiful game enables you to enjoy. The game is full of various tools and techniques which you can use for mutating your virus.

Smash Hit

It is another beautiful game in the series of one of the best games for your iPhone where you have to play one core gameplay mechanic. The game is all about a species of first-person rail shooter where you have to throw metal balls as well on glass objects along with shooting one that comes up in your way. The premise of this gameplay is straightforward; all you need to do is to break all the things coming in your way; that’s it.

One of the stuff that you need to keep in mind while playing the game is to conserve the balls as well while playing; as the game will get over once you run out of them. For earning more points and for preserving balls at the same time; you can go for multi-targeting the options which will enable you to enjoy best results you ever had.

Out There 

Out There is one of the best iOS games dealing with survival and strategy where you have to manage your resources carefully. The story of the gameplay is a tale of ultimate and isolation of an astronaut where you have to move through stars. Walking through stars is not as easy as you have to face dangerous situations here and manage all the resources while navigating the stars. You have to save the astronaut throughout the game as the game will get over once he dies.

Pumped BMX Series

It is one of the best BMX biking game specially designed and developed for y our iPhone which includes a pump button to boosts up, joystick option to use tricks in the air, tilting of your iPhone for insane tricks and much more.

The only drawback of this beautiful game is the complexity of its user interface which makes it somewhat hard to play on. But a little bit of practice is quite enough to polish your gaming as well.

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Crashlands is another driving game where you play as a truck driver which has crash landed on aliens’ planet. Forgetting a lead in the game; you have to earn resources, build in the base and also have to craft the perfect way to get an exit of the alien’s world.

You have to fulfill various quests coming during the game to go further. The game is a massive fun where you are not to starve to keep you alive while reaching your destination.


Blackbox is one of the most beautiful games for your iOS handset where you don’t need to touch your screen at all. You have to use the various sensors of your iPhone devices such as a gyroscope, camera, microphone, accelerometer and much more to play the game. You better need to figure out the entire gameplay to solve the various puzzles and trip the light switches.


Last but not the least in the series is Solitairica which is a perfect mixture of Solitaire game along with turn-based roguelike. The game is all about collecting right sequences of cards until you have nothing left with. The additional twist in the game is to evade attacks and deployment of powers to defeat the opponent.

Try out these games and enjoy the free features each of the game offers exclusively for iPhone users.

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